Daan van den Bergh

Daan van den Bergh is a carefully seasoned web developer. His methods consist of thinly slicing your website's beef and serve you with a platter of the best performance carpaccio on a bed of rocket -- the only thing he's more passionate about is food.

This banana is sad, because he introduced a bug into the latest releases of CAOS Pro, OMGF Pro and OMGF Additional Fonts.

Hey! I’m no longer receiving updates for CAOS Pro/OMGF Pro in my WordPress admin screen!?

I’ve been making a mess of things lately, haven’t I? It’s okay, you can say it.

After introducing ~20% of my users to a “beautiful” 500 error in OMGF Pro’s last update, now, updates in the WordPress admin screen are broken! For all my premium plugins no less! Isn’t it great?

And yes, you can punch me later.

Either way, I’m not ashamed of admitting when I cause a catastrophe. Like that time I burnt down a whole — no, nevermind. Let’s stay on topic, guys. Come on!

Robot with hands in his hair, panicking. [Made by DALL-E]

Latest OMGF (Pro) update causing Internal Server (500) errors? Here’s how to fix it.

About 2 weeks ago, I’ve released OMGF 5.6.0 and OMGF Pro 3.8.0. These releases seem to have caused errors on some servers. In this post I want to inform you about possible causes and, more importantly, how to prevent these errors so your site can keep running smoothly.

Learn how to easily integrate Moneybird with Easy Digital Downloads in 3 easy steps!

Integrate Moneybird with Easy Digital Downloads in 3 easy steps 💡

Moneybird is a very popular accounting software among internet entrepeneurs, which integrates easily with most ecommerce platforms and payment providers.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no workable Easy Digital Downloads integration for Moneybird. So, today I’ll show you how we can easily integrate Moneybird with Easy Digital Downloads.

CAOS Pro v2.4.0 introduces increase GDPR compliane for Google Analytics

CAOS Pro v2.3 features easy GDPR compliance for Google Analytics in WordPress

It’s been a few months since I updated this blog. It’s been a few more months since I updated CAOS Pro. Fortunately, not without reason! What you didn’t know, is that I’ve been working on a major update for the past few months! An update that is all about GDPR compliance for using Google Analytics in the EU.

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