Optimize Fonts

These settings affect the fonts OMGF (Pro) downloads and the generated stylesheet(s). Below the screenshot you’ll find a rundown of each option. Once you’re done configuring, you can simply click Save & Optimize.

Task Manager

OMGF (Pro)'s task manager offers a quick overview of your cached stylesheets and their status, along with simple management tasks, e.g. Configure, Remove or Empty Cache Directory

Font-display option (default: Swap)

Only change this if you know what you’re doing. In most situations ‘Swap’ is what you’re looking for, since it removes the Ensure text remains visible during webfont load optimization suggestion in Google PageSpeed Insights, effectively increasing your scor

Force Font-display Option Site Wide (only available in OMGF Pro — default: off)

When this option is checked, OMGF Pro will parse all (CSS) stylesheets troughout your site's frontend and make sure every @font-face statement includes a font-display: <value> attribute. <value> is replaced with the value of the Font-Display Option setting. Using this option will fix the Ensure text remains visible during webfont load optimization suggestion in Google PageSpeed Insights for all fonts, including FontAwesome, Elementor Icons, Elegant Icons and other icon packs.

Include File Types (only available in OMGF Pro — default: WOFF2, WOFF)

Fine-tune the stylesheet generated by OMGF Pro to only include files you (and your visitors) actually use. In most situations the default will suffice, because WOFF2 and WOFF is supported by 98% of browsers.

Force Subsets (only available in OMGF Pro — default: empty)

Some plugins/themes load all subsets for the fonts they’re using. This could lead to excessive load. Optimizing the subsets for your Google Fonts will help you reduce pageload.
If your site only has Western European and/or North American visitors, you will only need the Latin subset. If your site is e.g. Syrian, you only need the Hebrew subset.

Manage Optimized Fonts

All Google Fonts are listed in the Manage Optimized Fonts section of the settings screen. There you can choose to:

  • Preload fonts to reduce Cumulative Layout Shift above the fold,
  • Unload fonts that're not used by your theme and/or plugins,
  • Set a Fallback Font Stack (only available in OMGF Pro), to further reduce Cumulative Layout Shift, or
  • Replace (only available in OMGF Pro) font-families with system fonts to speed up page loading times!

Note: if you'd like to remove all Google Fonts used in your theme and plugins, simply click Unload all next to the name of each font family. 

Note #2: When no Google Fonts are found, browsers will fall back to a system font of their choosing. This could negatively influence user experience. To control this behavior, use the Fallback Font Stack (Pro) and Replace (Pro) options to give browsers a pallet (or "stack") to choose from.

Optimize fonts for logged in editors/administrators (default: on)

Only disable this when you’re customizing another theme, using WordPress’ customize feature, or using a drag-and-drop page builder.

After clicking  Save & Optimize, OMGF (Pro) will immediately scan your homepage for Google Fonts and show an overview of found fonts. The Manage Optimized Google Fonts overview will be shown (and adjusted) accordingly.

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