Compatibility with 3rd Party Plugins

Last updated on 2024-05-09 15:02:36

WP Help Scout Docs offers compatibility with several (mostly SEO related) 3rd party plugins for WordPress.

Astra (theme)

When using the Astra theme, the breadcrumbs generated by the theme are automatically rewritten to to assure the path follows the following structure: Home > Documentation Base URI > Category Name > Article Name.


Placeholders present in breadcrumbs, canonical tags, titles, descriptions, OpenGraph data and markup are rewritten to make sure they match the current article or category.

The SEO Framework

All markup, SEO descriptions and titles are rewritten to make sure the article's or category's title are used.

Yoast SEO

When Yoast SEO is active, WP Help Scout Docs makes sure the SEO title is also rewritten for articles and categories.

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