Topmenu Products for Magento 2

By default Magento 2 only allows you to add categories to its topmenu. This module makes it possible to also add products to it.


  • Easily add products to your store’s topmenu, by checking the ‘Add product to Topmenu?’ attribute.
  • Replace the product’s name with a custom label.
  • Decide the display order of your Topmenu Products by adding a sort order.
  • Replace the product’s URL with the stores Base Url. This might be useful if e.g. you have your store’s Default Web URL set to a product’s url (e.g. catalog/product/view/id/1) instead of cms.
  • Choose if products should be added before or after the existing categories.


After installation a new tab is added to Stores > Configuration > Catalog and Catalog > Products > Edit, called Topmenu Products.

General Configuration

Topmenu Products for Magento 2 General Configuration

Product Edit Screen

Topmenu Products for Magento 2 Product Edit Options

Further Reading


Download the latest release of this Magento 2 extension from Github.