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  • Running Man, illustrating how Resource Hints can speed up your Magento 2 shop
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    Resource Hints or: how to Speed Up Magento 2 using Preconnect

    A few months ago I showed how using preconnect resource hints can severely speed up your website. I found out that for Magento 2 there are no ready-to-use solutions to integrate preload, preconnect or prefetch headers into your store. So today I’ll show you how to add preload, preconnect and prefetch resource hints to Magento […] More

  • How to add Products to Topmenu in Magento 2
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    How to add Products to Topmenu in Magento 2

    Let’s say your company sells one product. This deserves the spotlight, right? Let’s say you want to give your product a prominent place in the topmenu. Since Magento 2 natively only supports adding categories to its topmenu, you’re up for a challenge! Today I’ll show you how to create a module which allows you to […] More