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  • Show Visible Products in Cart
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    How to show only Visible/Active Products in Product Count

    Magento’s integrated function getProductCount() also counts invisible/inactive products. If your theme displays product counts next to each category (e.g. in the top menu or category blocks), this can be very confusing for your customer. If your category product count shows 10 products, but 6 are set to invisible. Your customer wil end up very disappointed to see only 4 products in the product list. Today I will show you how to display only visible/active products in your Magento theme’s category product count. More

  • Show Products in Cart
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    Return total number of

    Sometimes you run into tiny idiosyncracies in Magento templates. It makes you question many things. Such as: why would a theme developer choose to only show the total amount of different types of products in the minicart.phtml? Today I’m showing you different ways to return the total amount of items in your customer’s shopping cart for usage anywhere within your store’s template. More

  • Swatches - Redirect Simple Product to Configurable Product
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    Redirect Simple Products to Configurable Parents with Options Preselected

    Recently I met quite a challenge while building an extension for Magento. By default, the urls of simple child products whom belong to a configurable parent are answered with a 404. This behaviour can be easily overridden with a small extension. Our client wanted to take it a step further. Today we will build an extension that redirects URLs of simple products to their configurable parents with options preselected. More