Taking over the World at a Snail's Pace


Taking over the World at a Snail's Pace


  • How to create a Reverse Proxy for Plex Media Server
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    How to create a Let’s Encrypt SSL encrypted Reverse Proxy for Plex in OpenMediaVault

    I’ve been messing around for a long time with creating reverse proxy‘s for the applications I use with OpenMediaVault. Creating a Let’s Encrypt SSL encrypted reverse proxy for Plex especially. But in the last few days I finally managed to achieve it. Today I’m going to share with you how to create encrypted Reverse Proxy for Plex in OpenMediaVault 2.x using Let’s Encrypt free SSL-certificates. More

  • Git svn dcommit

    What to do when ‘git svn dcommit’ Fails on you?

    After I created a new release of OMGF, I ran git svn dcommit to push my local Git commits to the trunk of WordPress’ SVN repository. Needless to say, it failed: a pre-commit hook on the server rejected one of the commits. Git gave up on me and left me behind. git status said I was in the middle of a rebase. Which I didn’t want at all! More

  • Host Google Fonts Locally
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    How to Locally Host Google Fonts and Leverage Browser Caching

    Google Fonts. Every WordPress blogger uses them. It’s an easy — if not the easiest — way to improve your blog’s looks. Pagespeed Insights. We’ve all heard of that too. And we all want to achieve the highest possible score. Both are brought to you by the same entity we’ve come to know, love — and hate: Google. Love, because they gave us these beautiful fonts. Hate, because as soon as we use them, it lowers our score on Pagespeed Insights! Today I’m showing you how you can achieve the best of both worlds: Maintain your high score on Pagespeed […] More

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