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  • Fries, Burgers and a Milkshake - Google Fonts and GDPR
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    How to make Google Fonts GDPR compliant

    What the Fries does a Burger have to do with GDPR and Google Fonts? Well, you’re about to find out! I can’t believe I missed this, but since the introduction of GDPR, using Google Fonts has become a bit tricky. Let’s see what we can do about this. More

  • Too artistic webdesigners.

    6 Signs you’re Not a Good Web Designer

    Being a ‘web designer’ (or web developer) is like being a surgeon, or a mechanic. Not many people can critically assess your work. As long as the heart is beating, or the engine is running, most people have no choice but to assume you did a good job. With this post I hope to change that. Consider this my attempt to set a bar and educate people of what makes a good web designer. More

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    Find out which Fonts a (WordPress) Website is using

    Since v2.1.0 OMGF sports a nifty new feature called Auto Detect. This feature allows OMGF to automatically find the fonts your theme is using. Together with the ‘remove Google Fonts‘ feature, OMGF makes it incredible easy to boost WordPress’ performance. Now you little detectives must want to know how we can be sure that OMGF has detected all the fonts! Today I’ll show you how to setup OMGF’s Auto-detect feature and confirm that all fonts have been captured. More

  • Remove Google Fonts from your WordPress Theme
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    How to Remove Google Fonts from your WordPress Theme

    I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately, to implement a ‘Remove Google Fonts’-option into OMGF. After a lot of research (a few months!) I managed to implement an efficient way to do it. Version 1.9.0 contains an experimental option to remove any Google Fonts that are enqueued in your WordPress blog. But, for those where it doesn’t work, or for those that want to have full control, I provided an alternative: a complete guide on how to remove Google Fonts from your WordPress Theme. More

  • Host Google Fonts Locally
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    How to Locally Host Google Fonts and Leverage Browser Caching

    Google Fonts. Every WordPress blogger uses them. It’s an easy — if not the easiest — way to improve your blog’s looks. Pagespeed Insights. We’ve all heard of that too. And we all want to achieve the highest possible score. Both are brought to you by the same entity we’ve come to know, love — and hate: Google. Love, because they gave us these beautiful fonts. Hate, because as soon as we use them, it lowers our score on Pagespeed Insights! Today I’m showing you how you can achieve the best of both worlds: Maintain your high score on Pagespeed […] More