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  • Fries, Burgers and a Milkshake - Google Fonts and GDPR
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    How to make Google Fonts GDPR compliant

    What the Fries does a Burger have to do with GDPR and Google Fonts? Well, you’re about to find out! I can’t believe I missed this, but since the introduction of GDPR, using Google Fonts has become a bit tricky. Let’s see what we can do about this. More

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    How to add Date Last Updated to WordPress Posts

    Most themes show the Published Date above each post. What most themes don’t show (for some reason) is the Last Updated (or Last Modified) Date/Time. This sucks, because no one (including Google) will be able to fully appreciate the work you put into your blog! Luckily WordPress already saves this information for each post and it is pretty easy to integrate into your theme using a plugin. Today I’ll show you how. More

  • Use Google Analytics without a Cookie Notice
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    How to setup Google Analytics to be GDPR Compliant without a Cookie Notice

    Are you the kind of person that wonders ‘How many¬†visited yesterday?’ instead of ‘Who visited yesterday?’ Keep reading. I’ll show you how to set up Google Analytics to be completely GDPR Compliant and help you get rid of that cookie notice. Recently I set up a cookie notice on my site, because I was under the impression that was necessary to comply with the new GDPR laws. So, after I published an update to CAOS and wrote a how-to for my users on how to use CAOS’ new GDPR Settings¬†I found out that none of it was actually necessary. Because, […] More