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Remove Google Fonts from your WordPress Theme

How to Remove Google Fonts from your WordPress Theme

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately, to implement a ‘Remove Google Fonts’-option into CAOS for Webfonts.

At first, it looked like a neat (and logical) feature to add to my WordPress plugin. After a bit of research it turned out that it would be overkill, and against my principle of writing efficient code.

I noticed a few WordPress plugins provided a partial approach, simply because the full approach can’t be done. Not without taking measures outside the scope of my plugin or making sacrifices in performance. So, I though of an alternative: a complete guide on how to remove Google Fonts from your WordPress Theme.

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Add Social Share Buttons to Wordpress

How to add Social Share Buttons to WordPress without Plugins

There are plenty of plugins for WordPress that allow you to add social share buttons to your Posts and Pages. Usually, these plugins are bloated.

They require a lot of CSS-overrides to make it fit with your theme’s design. Some even slow your site down, because they’re not coded well or are packed with a bunch of options you don’t need.

Well, to hell with code-bloat! I want your site to be fast. Today I’m going to show you a really simple way to add your own social share buttons to your WordPress blog.
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Line Clamping - A PHP Alternative

Line Clamping: A Clean CSS Text-Overflow Alternative with PHP

Text-overflow: ellipsis. In human language: gracefully cut off any text and replace it with ‘…’ when there’s no more space left for text. An absolutely beautiful CSS property, don’t you think? Think again. This only works on the first and only line of text within a text block. It removes everything after that. Not Cool, CSS! But not to worry. Today I will show you a clean and simple alternative to line clamping using PHP.

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