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Put WordPress’ <head> in a vice and squeeze out every last bit of performance.

Was this visual gruesome enough for you? Because this is exactly what this plugin does to WordPress.

With HELL for WordPress you can remove any script and/or style loaded by any theme or plugin
from its <head> and (optionally) replace it with a local copy if it’s hosted on another domain.

What does HELL for WordPress do?


HELL for WordPress can break the functioning of your theme and plugins. Handle with care. If you don’t know what you’re doing, please contact your webdeveloper or hire me.

Remove Scripts & Styles

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Where can I find the handle?

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Replace Scripts & Styles

Easily replace any file loaded from an external source with a local copy.

DNS Prefetch/Preconnect

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What’s the difference between DNS Prefetch & Preconnect?


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What’s a MIME type?

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Further Reading


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