CAOS for Webfonts

CAOS for Webfonts (also known as ‘Host Google Fonts Locally’) is a cool plugin for WordPress. It enables you to fine-tune your websites’ performance by allowing you to self-host your WordPress theme’s Google Fonts (and others). Minimize external requests and leverage browser cache by uploading your webfonts and let CAOS for Webfonts do the rest!

It’s completely integrated with WordPress to guarantee complete compatibility. Simply look-up your webfonts using the Google Fonts Helper API, remove the ones you don’t want or need and let CAOS for Webfonts take care of everything else! The stylesheet is automagically generated and immediately registered and enqueued in your theme’s header so it’s ready for use.

How to Optimize Google Webfonts for WordPress

Although CAOS for Webfonts is incredibly easy to use, you can click here for a more comprehensive guide.

Why should I host Google Webfonts locally?

CAOS for Webfonts gives you the best of both worlds. The luxury to use any webfont you like and the ability to minimize DNS requests and leverage browser cache. Hosting Google Webfonts locally will lower your site’s loading time, because your visitor’s browser doesn’t have to make a round-trip to Google’s servers to download the fonts. Instead it loads it immediately from your server, along with everything else!

Click the image below to go to the WordPress Repository and download CAOS for Webfonts or buy me a beer!

CAOS for Webfonts
CAOS for Webfonts — Host Google Fonts Locally.