EDD Variable Pricing Tooltips

In short, this plugin is a more advanced version of EDD Variable Pricing Descriptions. It does everything VPD does, and much — much more!

Use Tooltips to Hide Long EDD Variable Pricing Descriptions

Some variable pricing descriptions don’t fit into a sidebar widget. Adding a long sentence next to the license’s name will clutter the Download Details widget and effectively reduce conversion.

This plugin allows you to hide as much information as you like into an elegant tooltip.

And it’s only a matter of checking a box.

EDD Variable Pricing Tooltips allows hiding a long description into a tooltip

EDD Variable Pricing Tooltips will add an elegant tooltip to EDD’s Download Details widget.

Your visitors will be able to reveal the information by simply hovering over the question mark.

It doesn’t end there.

Combine Variable Pricing Descriptions and Tooltips

If you feel a tooltip will reveal too little at first glance, this plugin allows you to easily use both. I.e. combine variable pricing descriptions and tooltips!

By using double pipes in the download’s description, the description is split into two parts:

  1. The first is shown inline, just like a regular variable pricing description.
  2. The second part is hidden into a tooltip!

You can actually see it in action on this page. 🙂

Link to Relevant Documentation

Obviously, a tooltip can only carry so much information for it to remain readable. That’s why EDD Variable Pricing Tooltips allows you to link the tooltip’s bubble to any URL, making the bubble clickable.

You might want to inform your visitors about your terms and conditions, return policies or simply provide in-depth information about the corresponding license.

Other Features

  • Lightweight plugin, written with performance in mind
  • All elements can easily be styled using CSS
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.x
  • Compatible with PHP 8.2
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