Compared to the free version of OMGF, OMGF Pro comes packed with several advanced features, allowing you to improve your WordPress site’s Google Fonts implementation.

Increase GDPR Compliance

If you’re loading fonts directly from Google’s servers, their logging the IP addresses of all your visitors.

In fact, on January 20th, 2022, a German court ruled that loading Google Fonts from their server is in breach of GDPR, because it exposes unnecessary personal data to a US based company.

To keep using Google Fonts, you need to host them locally. There is no alternative.

Fortunately, OMGF Pro does exactly that. 🙂

OMGF Pro complements the free version of OMGF with advanced detection schemes:

To keep using Google Fonts, you need to host them [on your server]. There is no alternative.
  • Webfont Loader or, webfont.js,
  • Inline @import or @font-face statements,
  • @import and @font-face statements embedded in CSS files,
  • Google’s Early Access API, etc.
  • Basically, anything! This includes Material Icons, Material Symbols and resource hints, i.e. dns-prefetch, preload or preconnect headers!

Maximize Performance

  • Define a Fallback Font Stack: Reduce Cumulative Layout Shift by properly implementing font-display swapping and defining a (stack of) fallback font-families for each of your fonts,
  • Easily replace unwanted Google Fonts with a System Font of your choice,
  • Ensure text remains visible during webfont load by forcing the font-display (swap) attribute throughout all your stylesheets and @font-face statements,
  • Preload fonts: easily preload key requests from within the Management panel.

Reduce Fonts Bloat

OMGF Pro goes beyond locally hosting Google Fonts and provides you with tools to Reduce bloat caused by other plugins and themes:

  • Remove Google Fonts loaded asynchronously with JavaScript,
  • Easily unload font-styles (e.g. italics) and/or font-weights (e.g. bold) you don’t use,
  • Define which subsets should be loaded for all fonts throughout your WordPress configuration. This can reduce the size of your Google Fonts stylesheets by ~90% for the most popular fonts!


  • In good hands!

    This plugin does what it needs to do and if not (like in our special case), Daan is a magician with fast response, honest feedback and a quick solution! 😉

    Please keep up the good work and thanks for your passion for the world of wordpress.

  • This saved my day

    After some research on how to get rid of the Google fonts for DSGVO, I first came across code snippet and delved into json files, javascript and CSS and nothing works with the themes I use. I was very disappointed and thought this was going to be a nightmare. Then I’m glad I found Daan and it works on most websites just by installing and activating it! Amazing!
    A quick question I ask about a site, Daan answers in seconds and I get it working.
    Thank you for the great work!!

  • What a time-saver!

    I’m using OMGF plugin on so many different sites and I’m always impressed how easy and fast the setup is. I never had any issues with this. Thank you so much for making things so much easier. My pagespeed also increased every single time.

  • Absolutely blown away but the level of support

    The plugin does exactly what you expect it to, and more. What really impressed me however is the fantastic and responsive support that Daan provides with OMGF. Honestly, it was like using a Live Chat feature but over email. Daan was SO quick to reply and resolve what was a few user errors on my part and point me in the direction AND to patch and fix a rare bug found, all within a few minutes. Unbelievable. Guys and girls, even if you don’t need the features that pro gives, for the sake of what is just over £1/month, support this software. It’s a no brainer. Daan, honestly thank you.

  • Amazing Google Fonts manager

    I’m using Daan’s plugin since a pair of years with success in more than one project! One of few plugins that are always well updated and where it’s possible see new features to improve speed or effectiveness about the purpose of the plugin. Really appreciated!

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