Theme Authors “forced” to Catch Up: Hosting Webfonts Locally “Strongly Encouraged”

In light of the recent GDPR related fines in Germany, the themes team took a stand on hosting webfonts locally. Representative @benachi recently announced that it “strongly encourages theme authors to update their themes” and to “download and bundle Google Fonts with their themes”.

For long-time followers of this blog, this good practice has been a known fact for 2+ years. So it’s kind of sad that is only catching up now, when fines are flying around. But that’s not all…

Google Analytics EU - GDPR

Will a fancy, new Privacy Shield 2.0 give Google Analytics Europe a future?

Policital agreement has been reached between the EU and the US to update their Privacy Shield legislation. A properly updated EU-US data sharing system would mean that Google Analytics EU has a future after all. I told you!

It might still take over a year for any actual legislation to be drafted and checked by all the relevant boards and commissions. That said, I think it’s an important moment to reflect and share with you the roadmap for CAOS Pro.

4 Easy Steps to Optimize WordPress Google Fonts

Optimizing WordPress Google Fonts has become more imporant than ever! Ever since the GDPR has made it mandatory to host Google Fonts locally website owners have been scourging the web to find a solution.

What if I told you there’s more to WordPress Google Fonts optimization than just copying the files to your server? This shouldn’t come as news to long-time OMGF users, but to the thousands of users OMGF has gained in the past month; this one is for you.

OMGF has reached 50K+ Active Installs

OMGF 5 is fast approaching! 🎉 Are you ready for all of this Awesomeness?

Since the recent court ruling in Germany, OMGF has gained over 10.000+ active users — and is still growing! The vast increase in users is more than enough reason for a celebration, but the equally vast amount of feedback I’ve received over the last few weeks forced me to zoom in on certain aspects and the current overall state of the plugin. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take this situation and flip it into something even cooler.

Google Analytics in EU? Not exactly.

Google Analytics illegal in Austria? Well, not exactly.

Only two weeks into the new year, the internet exploded, because of a court ruling in Austria. Is Google Analytics illegal now? In Austria, not exactly. In the rest of the EU, no. And it won’t be.

Although it was a great day for Privacy last week, it was a dark day for website (and ecommerce store) owners when Austria’s data protection authority (DPA, or DSB) decided that using Google Analytics on your website is in breach of GDPR.

Later that same week, the Dutch personal data authority (AP) followed with a warning that using Google Analytics might soon be forbidden. And Germany’s next in line.

If using Google Analytics becomes illegal, what does this mean for us website and ecommerce store owners? Should we migrate our (years of) data to a Google Analytics alternative? Is there an easier way out of this mess?

Spoiler alert: Yes, there is.

Major changes introduced in CAOS and CAOS Pro

Major Changes introduced in CAOS v4.2.0 and CAOS Pro v2 (formerly known as Super Stealth Upgrade)

With time comes change. And sometimes change means growth. Sometimes growth means making tough decisions, such as changing the name of your first premium WordPress baby plugin. Here’s a detailed line-up of all major changes introduced in CAOS v4.2.0 and CAOS Pro v2.0.0 (formerly known as Super Stealth Upgrade) which is scheduled for release on January 15th.

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