Moneybird for Easy Digital Downloads

I’m not in any way affiliated with Moneybird or Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin was not commissioned by any of these parties. Doesn’t make it less awesome, though. 😉

EDD Moneybird for Easy Digital Downloads is a light-weight, and very straightforward solution to integrate Easy Digital Downloads with Moneybird and synchronize invoices, refunds and customers.

Dissatisfied with the existing solution, I decided to build my own Easy Digital Downloads integration for Moneybird which supports everything EDD 3.x has to offer, including:

  • (Partial) refunds
  • Manual added purchases
  • Fees
  • Discount codes

Compatible with EDD Recurring Payments, Software Licensing, and more…

It also fully integrates with subscriptions offered by EDD Recurring Payments and Software Licensing and supports:

  • (Negative) Sign-up Fees
  • Discount Codes, and
  • (Automatic) Renewals

Don’t use Moneybird to send invoices to your clients? No problem! EDD Moneybird also fully integrates with other solutions like:

  • EDD Invoices

Simply set Delivery Method to Manual and you’re all set! Invoices will be created in Moneybird, but will marked as Sent Manually. Meaning no email is sent by Moneybird.

How it works

EDD Moneybird’s easy configuration only takes 1 minute to setup due to Automatic Tax Rate Detection. No mapping of tax rates required!


The configuration is (very) easy, and (literally) only takes 1 minute to setup!

  • Enter your Moneybird API token
  • Choose the Administration you want to integrate Easy Digital Downloads with
  • Set the ledger account, workflow, 0% tax rate, reverse charge tax rate, store location, and…
  • You’re good to go!

That’s it. No more steps are required to connect Moneybird to Easy Digital Downloads!

Moneybird Easy Digital Downloads configuration screen.
Because you don’t have to map EDD tax rates to Moneybird tax rates, EDD Moneybird’s Easy configuration will only take you 1 minute to setup!


When a sale is recorded in Easy Digital Downloads, this plugin takes the data of EDD’s payment and customer records and:

  • Searches for the contact in Moneybird, using the user’s email address.
  • If it does exist, it checks if the contact details are still up-to-date and updates them where needed.
  • If it doesn’t exist, it creates the contact.
  • It creates the invoice (including (negative) fees and discounts) and uses the Order ID as the invoice_sequence_id. This is not (yet) configurable.
  • It sends the invoice using the defined Delivery Method.

Automatic Tax Rate Detection

Unlike the other Moneybird plugin for Easy Digital Downloads, this plugin doesn’t require you to manually map each EDD tax rate to a Moneybird tax rate. As long as all tax rates you require are present in EDD and Moneybird — which they probably are — they’ll be automatically mapped

To keep configuration minimal, quick and painless, only the 0% tax rate and reverse charge tax rate need to be configured.

Automatic Tax Rate Detection is compatible with popular EU VAT plugins and it uses their output to decide whether tax should be reverse charged. It works as follows:

Currently, this plugin is compatible with:

  • EDD EU VAT by Barn2.
  • EDD VAT by Pronamic (Coming soon…)

If it’s not a reverse charged order, the plugin attempts to find a matching tax rate in Moneybird by using the tax percentage and country code used in the EDD order.

If no matching tax rate was found, it’s assumed no tax should be calculated and the configured 0% tax rate is used.

It’s worth mentioning that (for reasons unclear to me) negative (subscription/product) fees are never taxed in Easy Digital Downloads. That’s why negative fees (i.e. one time discounts or sign up discounts) are always registered in Moneybird with the selected 0% Tax Rate.


When creating a (partial) refund, this plugin will request Moneybird to duplicate the attached invoice to a credit invoice.

It fetches the parent invoice’s ID from the _edd_moneybird_invoice_id order meta attached to the order upon creation. This means that this plugin can only refund purchases that were made when this plugin was active (and it created the parent invoice). That’s intentional, yet something to keep in mind before starting to use this plugin.

The refunds’ order number is used as the invoice_sequence_id. This is not (yet) configurable.

Finally, a bulletproof, easy solution to sync EDD with Moneybird

Like me, you’re a previous user of the other EDD Moneybird plugin and looking for a working alternative. You might’ve noticed that the solution you used previously is riddled with bugs, is complicated to configure, support is sluggish and it’s not on par with Easy Digital Downloads’ 3.x current feature set, e.g. Partial Refunds, Discount Codes and Sign-up Fees.

To solve this problem, I built my own Moneybird Easy Digital Downloads integration. Providing you with a simpler interface, intelligent tax rate detection, a bug-free experience, a light-weight codebase (resulting in faster execution), PHP 8 and WordPress 6.x (and higher) compatibility, and excellent support provided by ME!

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