Do not hesitate to contact me, if you:

  • Need help with (configuring) one of my (premium) plugins,
  • Want to hire me for (WordPress) development tasks,
  • Are looking for someone to speed up your WordPress site,
  • Want to send sincere praise my way,
  • Know a funny joke.
A (not so) fun fact about me: I can't say no to candy -- and I'm watching my weight. So, please, whatever you do. Do not send me (pictures of) candy!

Have an issue with a plugin?

Well, that sucks!

Before sending me a message, make sure you’ve:

  • Checked the documentation (and more specifically the Troubleshooting section)

If the documentation didn’t help you to resolve your issue, do not hesitate to contact me, but please include:

  • The URL of the site you’re experiencing the issue,
  • The name of the theme that site is using,
  • Screenshot(s) of the issue. Use an image sharing service like Imgur to include screenshots.
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