Do not hesitate to contact me, if you:

  • Need help with (configuring) one of my (premium) plugins,
  • Want to hire me for (WordPress) development tasks,
  • Are looking for someone to speed up your WordPress site,
  • Want to send sincere praise my way,
  • Need someone to share your vacation photo’s with,
  • Know a funny joke.
Best support ever
Your dedication to investigate even rare cases of incompatibilities with exotic plug-ins and settings is just another proof of your outstanding support. Thank you very much!
Awesome plugin
Really happy with the plugin and amazing customer support. Fonts weren't displayed properly, but Daan provided a fix (which was due to another plugin) quickly. It is an essential and useful tool. OMGF Pro is worth every penny. Highly recommended.

Due to personal circumstances I’m unable to respond within 24 hours to your support queries. I’ll do my best to respond within 72 hours. Thank you for understanding.

Are you experiencing Internal Server Errors (500) after installing the latest OMGF and/or OMGF Pro update? Read this.

Are you experiencing undefined constant errors after updating CAOS, then make sure you update CAOS Pro immediately after. If the update isn’t offered to you in your admin screen, read this.

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House Rules

I know that having an issue with a plugin and then having to wait for a reply sucks. But, there’s no team behind Daan is one person. And in case you’re wondering; that person is me. So, to make this work smoothly for you, me and all users of my WordPress plugins, I’ve setup some house rules:

Before sending me a message, make sure you’ve:

  • Checked the documentation (and more specifically the Troubleshooting section of the plugin you’re using)
  • Taken a deep breath.

Now, relax and find peace and calm in the fact that there has never been a support ticket that I wasn’t able to resolve.

Let’s move on…

If the documentation didn’t help you to resolve your issue, do not hesitate to contact me, but please include:

  • The URL of the site you’re experiencing the issue,
  • The name of the theme that site is using,
  • Screenshots of the issue,
  • A detailed description of the issue.

Also, please refrain from:

  • Being overly shouty, e.g. ending every sentence with multiple exclamation (!!!) or question (???) marks or TYPING ENTIRE SENTENCES IN CAPITALS. Keep in mind that I have to read through that grammatical spaghetti.
  • Repeatedly emphasizing how urgent your query is. Everyone’s is — trust me.
  • “Bumping” your message by sending repeat replies. This doesn’t work and it’ll only slow down the support process, because I need to scroll through the “bumps”.
  • And finally, be nice. I’m a human being, just like you. Let’s behave as such.

Thank you!

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