Do not hesitate to contact me, if you:

  • Need help with (configuring) one of my (premium) plugins,
  • Want to hire me for (WordPress) development tasks,
  • Are looking for someone to speed up your WordPress site,
  • Want to send sincere praise my way,
  • Know a funny joke.

Before sending me an email; have you checked the FAQ?

Due to the GDPR/DSVGO related fallout in Germany and Austria recently, many people have turned to me for help about their Google Fonts. And while I think it’s a great honor to see that so many people trust their website (i.e. external Google Fonts requests) in my hands, I can honestly say: it’s insanely busy at the moment. This is why support is currently slower than usual.

Before using the contact form below, I highly recommend you check OMGF’s documentation (especially the Troubleshooting and FAQ sections.) Help me, help you!

The articles listed as frequently asked questions at the top of this page really are the most Frequently Asked Questions at the moment, so you’ll probably get an answer from there.

If you do send an email, I’ll try to reply to you within 24 hours.

Thank you for understanding.

Have an issue with a plugin?

Well, that sucks!

Before sending me a message, make sure you’ve:

  • Checked the documentation (and more specifically the Troubleshooting section)

If the documentation didn’t help you to resolve your issue, do not hesitate to contact me, but please include:

  • The URL of the site you’re experiencing the issue,
  • The name of the theme that site is using,
  • Screenshot(s) of the issue. Use an image sharing service like Imgur to include screenshots.
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