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Will a fancy, new Privacy Shield 2.0 give Google Analytics Europe a future?

Policital agreement has been reached between the EU and the US to update their Privacy Shield legislation. A properly updated EU-US data sharing system would mean that Google Analytics EU has a future after all. I told you!

It might still take over a year for any actual legislation to be drafted and checked by all the relevant boards and commissions. That said, I think it’s an important moment to reflect and share with you the roadmap for CAOS Pro.

What we know so far…

…Isn’t much. Like I said, it’s strictly a political announcement without any legal basis. No actual legislation has been drafted. However, the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework fact sheet published by the European Commission contains some hopeful words:

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework should bring Google Analytics back to the EU.
The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework fact sheet.
Based on the new framework, data will be able to flow freely and safely [...] binding safeguards to limit access to data by U.S. intelligence services to what is necessary and proportionate [...].

It also makes mention of strong obligations for companies and specific monitoring and reviewing mechanisms.

While Max Schrems remains hesitant and even referred to it as “Lipstick on a pig” (a statement he later removed), it does promise to address Schrems II; the ruling of the European Court of Justice in which he was lead litigant.

While none of this is legal advice, it does give me the confidence to continue my mission for CAOS Pro: to provide you with an easy way to implement Google Analytics into your WordPress site in full compliance with the GDPR — consent-free where possible.

Google Analytics Europe: Can we keep using it with CAOS Pro?

While nothing is set in stone yet, I’m currently collaborating with GDPR and privacy experts who have the same goal as I have: to provide a way to keep using Google Analytics Europe — preferably consent-free.

Google already announced that they’ve moved up dropping Universal Analytics in favor of the more privacy-friendly Google Analytics 4. While they haven’t made any official statements about this, I’m fairly certain this is a response to the recent developments in GDPR land.

After the above-mentioned Privacy Framework has received a proper update, CAOS Pro (with Super Stealth enabled) will already suffice to keep using Google Analytics in the EU — with proper consent.

To keep providing a consent-free approach I’m currently in the middle of thinking up an alternative.

Consent-free tracking implies that any collected data is 100% anonymous. Which means, no unique identifiers of any kind. Even ones that’re often refreshed. This means that sacrifices need to be made, e.g. tracking returning visitors will no longer be an option.


Although we’re months — or more — away from any certainty. We do know that a new legislation is in the works, that’ll allow us to keep using Google Analytics in the EU.

An updated EU-US privacy framework combined with Google Analytics 4’s earlier release means that I have work to do! An update for CAOS Pro is in the works and I’m keeping close tabs on all GDPR and Google Analytics related developments.

In other words, I will keep you posted!

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