This banana is sad, because he introduced a bug into the latest releases of CAOS Pro, OMGF Pro and OMGF Additional Fonts.

Hey! I’m no longer receiving updates for CAOS Pro/OMGF Pro in my WordPress admin screen!?

I’ve been making a mess of things lately, haven’t I? It’s okay, you can say it.

After introducing ~20% of my users to a “beautiful” 500 error in OMGF Pro’s last update, now, updates in the WordPress admin screen are broken! For all my premium plugins no less! Isn’t it great?

And yes, you can punch me later.

Either way, I’m not ashamed of admitting when I cause a catastrophe. Like that time I burnt down a whole — no, nevermind. Let’s stay on topic, guys. Come on!

Screw Black Friday! It’s (a Slightly Greyer Shade of) Black November over at Daan.dev

The holidays are coming and lines are already forming outside my webstore for Black Friday. People are putting down sleeping mats and pitching tents outside — no, not like that you perve.

In order to prevent riots I figured it’d be best to spread out the madness throughout the entire month and turn Black Friday into a slightly greyer shade of Black — November!

Major Changes introduced in OMGF v4.5

I’ll get straight to the point: as of OMGF v4.5 some features will be removed from the free version in favor of superior and more flexible features in OMGF Pro.

This post is to timely inform you of these changes, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

If this news pisses you off, let me start off by saying: I get you and I got you. Just stay calm and read this post to the end. Then decide your next move.

How to Deal with Nulled Plugins in 1 step or; how to beat GPL Marketplaces at their own game

Nulled plugins; you can either fear it, or you can take it as a compliment. About 2 months ago I found out my WordPress plugins were nulled by so-called GPL websites i.e. “the black market”! I wasn’t surprised, so I thought of an original approach to deal with this. Curious yet!?

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