Do I need a Cookie Notice when I use CAOS Pro?

In the GDPR era when using Google Analytics in most situations prior consent (the Cookie Notice) is required before you're allowed to track visitors from the European Union.

The deciding factor for whether or not you need to request prior consent (i.e. display a cookie notice) is personal data.

Do you or do you not (want to) collect personal data about your visitor?

If the answer to that question is "no", then you can setup CAOS Pro to comply with GDPR laws and get rid of that cookie notice.

If the answer to that question is "yes", then you need to ask for prior consent. However, be warned that due to recent events, this might soon not be an option at all.

How do I know if what you're saying is true?

CAOS Pro is not the only application that allows anonymous tracking of your visitors in Google Analytics.


Cloudflare's Zaraz platform allows you to create a similar setup. The upsides of using Cloudflare instead of CAOS Pro are:

  • It's not restricted to WordPress and, 
  • It functions similar to Google Tag Manager, allowing you to insert scripts for other platforms as well.

However, there's an important downside: $$$. Cloudflare Zaraz is only available to Enterprise users, which starts at ~ $ 2000,-/month.

The University of Oslo

The University of Oslo has recently created a similar, universal, free and open-source solution, which is available on Github. The obvious upsides to this approach are:

  • It's free, and
  • Not restricted to WordPress.

However, their approach has a few downsides:

  • You need to have knowledge of building applications with NodeJS, and
  • It's a half measure. Their approach isn't cookieless. This means that the unique universal identifier (UUID or, ClientID -- which is already stored in everyone's browser cookies) is passed to Google Analytics along with the other data. Since this UUID is mapped internally at Google HQ to every IP address in the world, they are still able to identify your users regardless of the fact that your proxying and anonymizing the IP.

Info Trust

The notable media agency Info Trust has written up a detailed, human readable piece on Cookieless/Anonymous tracking in Google Analytics and how it works.

Google Analytics Alternatives

Besides that, other Google Analytics alternatives also proudly promote the fact that with them you don't have to ask prior consent. This is for the simple reason that they collect 100% anonymous data. CAOS Pro does the same, but for Google

In short; CAOS Pro 100% anonymizes your visitor's data. This means you don't have to ask for prior consent.

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