Compatibility Mode - Monster Insights

CAOS offers out-of-the-box compatibility with Monster Insights by Awesome Motive.

However, to use Stealth Mode with this plugin some additional configuration is required.

Please follow the steps below to add Stealth Mode to Monster Insights, using CAOS Pro.

Configure Monster Insights for WordPress (without Dual Tracking)

Before enabling CAOS Pro, it is advised to review your settings in the Monster Insights plugin.

Monster Insights offers two ways to configure Google Analytics in WordPress:

  1. Using the v3 API, by using a tracking ID starting with UA-,
  2. Using the v4 API in Dual Tracking mode, by adding a property ID starting with G-.

Navigate to Monster Insights > Settings and you should be presented with the General Settings tab.

In the screenshot above, Monster Insights is configured to use the v3 API. The Dual Tracking feature is not in use.

Take note of your Monster Insights configuration, specifically the tracking ID starting with UA-. 

If you've entered a Measurement ID in the Dual Tracking Profile option, take note of your Measurement ID and make sure to configure CAOS Pro to use Dual Tracking later on in this tutorial as well.

Configure CAOS Pro's Stealth Mode to work with Monster Insights (MI)

After you've reviewed your MI configuration, it's time to configure CAOS' Compatibility Mode.

First, make sure that the Tracking ID you've set in MI is identical to the one entered in Settings > Optimize Google Analytics > Basic Settings > Tracking ID. Then move on to the Advanced Settings tab or, when using Dual Tracking in MI, make sure to follow the steps in the next paragraph.

When Dual Tracking is enabled in Monster Insights (MI)

When using MI's Dual Tracking feature, make sure you've also configured CAOS Pro to use Dual Tracking in Settings > Optimize Google Analytics > Basic Settings.

In the screenshot, CAOS Pro is configured to run in Dual Tracking mode.
  • Make sure the Google Analytics Tracking ID starts with UA-, this will make the Enable Dual Tracking option appear.
  • Check Enable Dual Tracking and enter the GA 4 Measurement ID (starting with G-) identical to the one you've entered in the Dual Tracking Profile option in MI.

Setting CAOS (Pro)'s Monster Insights Compatibility Mode

The required configuration to run Monster Insights with CAOS Pro's Stealth Mode.

There's only two things you need to change in Settings > Optimize Google Analytics > Advanced Settings:

  1. Make sure Compatibility Mode is set to GA for WP by Monster Insights, and
  2. Download File is set to Gtag.js.

After changing the configuration, Save Changes & Update.

Double Check your Configuration

Lastly, you might want to verify if you have Stealth Mode enabled, under Settings > Optimize Google Analytics > Extensions.

If so, you're good to go!

If you're using a caching/optimization plugin (e.g. LiteSpeed Cache, W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache) make sure to flush all its caches.

That should do it. You've now succesfully configured Monster Insights for WordPress to use CAOS Pro's Stealth Mode. Enjoy! 🙂

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