Advanced Settings

Last updated on 19 June 2023

Notice: if you have no idea what any of the below options mean, just leave them to their default values as they could seriously alter your Google Analytics reports.

Compatibility Mode

CAOS does not offer an Analytics Dashboard for WordPress or Enhanced Commerce tags/events. To implement these features, CAOS is fully compatible with Monster Insights, Analytify, WooCommerce GA Integration and ExactMetrics.

Cache Directory

Change the path where the Analytics-file is cached inside WordPress' content directory (usually wp-content ). Defaults to /uploads/caos/ .

Serve from CDN

If you use a CDN you can choose to serve analytics.js/gtag.js from your CDN by providing the base URL (without https:// or https://)

    • When using Stealth Mode the ‘collect’ calls will still be sent through your own domain, because CDN (usually) don’t run PHP.

Track Cloaked Affiliate Links (Pro)

Send an event to Google Analytics whenever a Cloaked Affiliate Link is clicked. An event with the configured Event Category is sent to Google Analytics whenever a link containing the Path value is clicked. The Event Label will be the URL of the link.

Disable Advertising Features

Override and disable all advertising reporting and remarketing features established in Google Analytics.

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