Advanced Settings

When Snippet Type is set to Minimal Analytics, this tab is hidden, because none of these settings will have any effect.

Notice: if you have no idea what any of the below options mean, just leave them to their default values as they could seriously alter your Google Analytics reports.

  • CAOS does not offer an Analytics Dashboard for WordPress or Enhanced Commerce tags/events. To implement these features, CAOS is fully compatible with Monster Insights, Analytify, WooCommerce GA Integration and ExactMetrics.
  • Choose to download analytics.js, gtag.js (v4 API) or gtag.js (deprecated). Need help choosing?
  • If you use a CDN you can choose to serve analytics.js/gtag.js from your CDN by providing the base URL (without https:// or https://)
    • When using Stealth Mode the ‘collect’ calls will still be sent through your own domain, because CDN (usually) don’t run PHP.
  • Set a ‘Cookie Expiry Period‘ if you want to let the Google Analytics-cookie expire after a set number of days.
  • For low traffic sites, leveraging the Site Speed Sample Rate can significantly improve your measurement of site speed in your Google Analytics reports. This value defaults to 1, but for low traffic sites a value of 50 (or even 100) or higher is recommended.
  • Change the Enqueue Order of the script if you notice that other JavaScript’s might be interfering with the execution of your Google Analytics tracking-code. I suggest leaving this to the default (10), to assure the script being triggered before everything else.
  • Disable all Display Features if you want to force disable any remarketing and advertising purposes set in your Google Analytics Dashboard.
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