Enhance the functionality of CAOS and analytics.js to aid in measuring user interaction using Extensions.

CAOS allows developers to easily extend its functionality using extensions. Out-of-the-box CAOS offers a few extensions which can easily be enabled under the Extensions tab:

  • When Stealth Mode is enabled, you can alter Request Handling to suit your needs. Plugins, e.g. ec.js or linkid.js can be served faster if your server supports CAOS’ experimental mode.
  • Enable Stealth Mode to bypass Ad Blockers and secure Google Analytics’ accuracy.
  • Not sure if you need Stealth Mode? Enable Track Ad Blockers to gain insights into your visitors’ Ad Blocker usage.
    • Enabling this option registers whether a visitor was using an Ad Blocker or not. It does not send information (pageviews, etc.) about visitors using Ad Blockers to Google Analytics. I.e. it’s not the same as Stealth Mode.
  • If you want to find out when users click a link to leave your site, you can enable Capture Outbound Links. This does not work when Stealth Mode is enabled.
  • You can set an Adjusted Bounce Rate if you want to filter out e.g. visitors that close their browser window within a set number of seconds. This can be useful if you offer short snippets of information on your blog that don’t trigger a user to continue reading other pages, such as StackOverflow.
  • Improve the accuracy of your In-Page Analytics by enabling Enhanced Link Attribution: automatically differentiate between multiple links to the same URL on a single page by using link element IDs.
  • Allow A/B testing by enabling Google Optimize Integration.
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