Activating your License

Activating your License

Now you’re ready to register and activate your license.

  1. Navigate to the License Manager,
    • Navigating to (one of) your plugin’s (e.g. CAOS or OMGF) configuration screen and clicking the newly added Manage License tab.
      Next to the  Help tab of your plugin’s configuration screen, you’ll notice the newly added  Manage License tab.
  2. Enter your license key in the input field next to the name of purchased plugin, e.g. CAOS Pro or OMGF Pro.
  3. Click Activate Licenses.
After activating your license, the red cross should turn into a green check. Also, the expiry date of your license becomes visible.

Not getting a Success Message?

No worries. We’ll figure it out. Contact me and include the full error message in your message.

Licence(s) Failed to Validate

My plugins include a license manager, which encrypts your license keys before storing them into your database. This is to ensure they never end up in anyone's hands besides yours. For encryption two random strings are generated. To limit the risk of a malicious actor finding both: one is stored in the database and the other is stored in WordPress' wp-config.php file.

The licenses are used to check for updates. If for some reason decrypting the license fails, the license manager will display an error in WordPress' admin area:

Required Encryption Key(s) are Missing

To fix this error, follow the on-screen instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Licenses page using the displayed link,
  2. At the bottom of that page you'll notice a button, pulsing a few times, which says Install Missing Encryption Key.
  3. Click on this link and wait for the page to reload.

After the page has reloaded, both the button and the error message should no longer be displayed.

If it doesn't, then it might be your wp-config.php file is locked for editing. This means you'll have to make the modifications yourself:

  1. Generate a random encryption key, by clicking here.
  2. Copy the value from that page and navigate to the wp-config.php file in the root of your WordPress installation.
  3. Enter the following code, right before this line: "/* That's all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */"
  4. Repace YOUR_ENCRYPTION_KEY with the string you generated, so it'll look something like this:
    define('DAAN_LICENSE_ENC_KEY', 'psg9LRaDZw2LGnwZ5cKx4OHnF0pcEMLeqSX3DGnVAz3I8F5Cv9lv9p8Sn49Ru3NL');

After this you can savely (re-)enter your license keys.

Encryption Key has Changed

In the unusual event that the encryption key has been changed or removed, the error above will be displayed. Without the encryption key, the license keys can't be restored. The only way to resolve this is to re-enter your license keys.

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