How can I test if OMGF (Pro) is working properly?

Last updated on 28 February 2023

The easiest way to test if OMGF (Pro) is working properly is by using this tool by Sicher3. It's German, but the interface is obvious enough. 

Just enter your site's URL in the text field.  Make sure OMGF's Test Mode is disabled before running this tool!

You'll get a Big Red Notice if Google Fonts are found Or, a Green Notice if everything is A-okay!

The downside of using this tool, is that it doesn't point out to you what is loading Google Fonts -- if any. So, a more advanced approach would be your browser's Developer Tools.

How to test OMGF

First visit your site's frontend and open Developer Tools. Every browser includes a Developer panel, which can be opened by pressing F12.

In this panel, navigate to the Network tab.

Now, type your site's address in your browser's Address bar and hit Enter.

If you haven't run OMGF (Pro)'s Save & Optimize routine from the Settings screen before, it might take a while for the page to load, as all the detected Google Fonts will be downloaded and corresponding stylesheets will be generated.

You'll notice the list populating with several requests. You should see no requests to or


To double-check, you can append ?nomgf=1 to your site's URL in your browser's address bar. This will disable OMGF for that pageload:

Now you should be able to see all requests to the Google Fonts API your website usually (without OMGF (Pro) installed) would make. Take a mental note of each requests, remove the ?nomgf=1 parameter from the URL and reload the page again to verify if they've all been properly captured by OMGF.

If you still see requests to the Google Fonts API, continue troubleshooting here.

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