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Last updated on 1 September 2022

OMGF parses a page's HTML for stylesheets loading Google Fonts using the Google Fonts API: or

 Some themes and/or plugins add Google Fonts using different methods, e.g.

  • Using @import and/or @font-face statements in a CSS stylesheet,
  • Using @import and/or @font-face statements in inline <style> blocks,
  • Using Web Font Loader,
  • Using Early Access fonts not available (yet) through the regular Google Fonts API.

This section of OMGF Pro’s user manual zooms in on each of the available options and clarifies how it influences OMGF Pro’s Google Fonts Processing and Detection behavior. Each chapter also includes an example of a scenario when this feature should be used.

Advanced Processing (Pro) options

Let’s take a closer look at each of the available options and find out whether you should enable this option for your WordPress site.

Process Inline Styles

While OMGF scans for <link> elements, this option scans for inline (wrapped in <style> blocks) @import statements pointing to and @font-face statements pointing to

Process Local Stylesheets

While Process Inline Styles scans for both @font-face and @import statements in your HTML document, Process Local Stylesheets scans for @font-face and @import statements inside any stylesheets loaded by your themes and plugins.

Process WebFont Loader

WebFont Loader is a library created by Google and Typekit which allows asynchronous loading of Google Fonts (and other webfonts.) OMGF Pro handles various ways to detect if this library is being used. Some of which are:

  • Check if webfont.js is present in the page source,
  • Check if WebFont Loader’s configuration is present anywhere, usually called WebFontConfig or simply WebFont

Process Early Access

Google’s Early Access fonts are openly available beta version of font files.

The usage of these fonts should be considered ‘exotic’. I.e. if your WordPress site is written in a Middle Eastern or Asian language you might be using a beta font.

For English (or any other European language, e.g. Spanish, French or German) it’s probably safe to keep this option disabled.

Which Advanced Processing features should I enable?

The easiest way to figure this out, is turning all of the options on first. Then head into your site's frontend, open up Developer Tools' Network/Requests tab and check if no requests to the Google Fonts API are listed. If you still find some, this is probably due to an exotic implementation, or an iframe. Read this to verify this.

Then disable each option one by one, and after disabling an option, reload your frontend by pressing CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + R. This assures that your site is loaded with a fresh cache.

When an external request appears, re-enable the option you just disabled. That's it! 🙂

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