Getting Started

Last updated on 2024-05-09 14:47:53

Upon plugin activation, 3 pages are automatically created for you, titled:

  1. Documentation,
  2. {docs_category_name}
  3. {docs_article_name}

You can change the title of "Documentation" to whatever you like, but it's important that the title of {docs_category_name} and {docs_article_name} remain intact.

These are placeholders that are used by the plugin to render the actual title of the currently viewed category or article.

In the contents of these pages you'll find a few shortcodes:

  • [docs_base id=""]
  • [docs_category]
  • [docs_article_last_updated wrap=sup]
  • [docs_article]

You can dress up the pages however you like, but it's important that these shortcodes remain in place somewhere on the page. These shortcodes are used to render the contents of the currently viewed category or article.

Since the pages are never updated in WordPress directly, the plugin contains a [docs_article_last_updated] shortcode which is used to render the last updated date of the article. It contains the needed markup, which is used by search engines to understand when the article was last updated in Help Scout Docs.

Adding the Help Scout Docs ID

Inside the "Documentation" page, you'll find the [docs_base] shortcode, with an empty id parameter.

The ID can be in your address bar when navigating to the Docs section of your Help Scout environment.

The Help Scout Docs ID is the string of random characters, right after

Copy the ID from your browser's address bar and insert it inbetween the quotation marks, so it looks like this:

[docs_base id="123456789abcdefghi"]

Adding the Help Scout Docs API key

To finalize the connection between WordPress and Help Scout Docs an API key is required. The steps to find an generate the API key can be found here.

Once you've copied your API key, go to the plugin's settings screen: Settings > WP Help Scout Docs, and paste the API key in the corresponding settings field. Now, hit Save Changes.

That's it! Your Help Scout Docs are now rendered in WordPress pages, offering a more familiar and SEO friendly interface to your users.

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