Happy Holidays 2021

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Wonderful 2022!

With 2021 winding down and 2022 right around the corner, I want to wish you Happy Holidays and say thank you for your continued trust in Daan.dev and my WordPress plugins.

And to emphasize my gratitude, I’m having a(nother) sale!

Discount code HAPPYHOLIDAYS2021 will get you 15% off on everything till the end of 2021!

Or just click the big purple pink-ish button at the top of this (or any) page to apply the discount to your cart.

On behalf of the whole Daan.dev team — which is me. Just me — I want to wish you an enjoyable end-of-year break. Take your time to relax, recharge, reflect, be grateful and create new (big) dreams for the new year. I know I will.

Best wishes to you and your family for the holiday and new year!

See you in 2022!

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