Compatibility Mode - WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

CAOS offers out-of-the-box compatibility with WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration by WooCommerce.

However, to use Stealth Mode Technology with Enhanced Ecommerce (ec.js) some additional configuration is required.

Please follow the steps below to add Stealth Mode to WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration, using CAOS Pro.

Configure WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

Before enabling CAOS Pro, it is advised to review your settings in WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration (WGAI).

WGAI offers two ways to configure Ecommerce integration in WooCommerce:

  1. Regular Ecommerce (ecommerce.js), and
  2. Enhanced Ecommerce (ec.js).

It is advised to use Enhanced Ecommerce but CSSU is compatible with both.

Basic Configuration

After you’ve installed and activated WGAI, an extra section has been added to the Integration tab under WooCommerce > Settings, called Google Analytics.

Make sure Enable Universal Analytics is checked, before continuing to either of the next chapters.

Regular Ecommerce

To enable regular ecommerce ( ecommerce.js) in WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration, make sure the following options are enabled:

  • Purchase Transactions,
  • Add To Cart Events.

If you don’t want to use Enhanced Ecommerce ( ec.js), you can skip the next chapter. Otherwise, continue.

Enhanced Ecommerce

To enable Enhanced Ecommerce in WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration, the steps mentioned in the previous chapters are required, otherwise the options listed below aren’t shown.

To enable Enhanced Ecommerce, check Enable Enhanced eCommerce at the bottom of the page.

A few other options will appear:

  • Remove from Cart Events,
  • Product Impressions from Listing Pages,
  • Product Clicks from Listing Pages,
  • And so on…

These options will be checked by default. I’d advise to leave all of them enabled, because it will provide you with all the available information about your (potential) customers.

However, none of them are required for the functioning of CAOS Pro.

Once you are satisfied with your configuration ( Enable Enhanced eCommerce must remain checked!) click Save Changes.

Configure CAOS

Now WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration is configured to work with Enhanced Commerce, we can proceed to configure CAOS (and Super Stealth Upgrade) to start working with this.

CAOS’ settings are located under Settings > Optimize Analytics.

Basic Settings

Whichever method you chose in the previous chapter ( ecommerce.js or ec.js) the steps in this and the following chapter will be equal.

Before continuing, we need to make sure that you’ve provided a Google Analytics Tracking ID. It should be identical to the one entered in the Google Analytics section under WooCommerce’s Integration tab under Settings

Advanced Settings

All that is left to do now, is to enable the corresponding Compatibility Mode in Advanced Settings.

Make sure Enable Compatibility Mode is set to WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration. Then ‘save changes‘.


After following this guide you’ve taken the necessary precautions to configure CAOS Pro with WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration.

However, Stealth Mode is not yet enabled.

To enable CAOS Pro's Stealth Mode, follow the steps explained in the Quick Start guide.

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