OMGF & CAOS Expert Configurations are Discontinued

Expert Configurations for CAOS (Pro) and/or OMGF (Pro) are discontinued as of 2022.

For help configuring any of the following plugins, please consult its documentation:

Additional help with configuration is free of charge. Please contact me using this form and provide the following information:

  • The URL you need help with,
  • What it is exactly you need help with,
  • Administrator credentials
    • Please create a unique username and password for me to use, so you can delete it later. Never share your own administrator credentials!

If you have a customization request, that needs to be built on top off CAOS (Pro) and/or OMGF (Pro), or to create compatibility with another plugin and/or theme, please contact me using this form and provide as much details as possible, so I can provide you with an accurate estimate.

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