Compared to the free version of OMGF, OMGF Pro comes packed with several advanced features, allowing you to improve your WordPress site’s Google Fonts implementation.

Increase GDPR/DSVGO Compliance

If you’re loading fonts directly from Google’s servers, their logging the IP addresses of all your visitors.

In fact, on January 20th, 2022, a German court ruled that loading Google Fonts from their server is in breach of GDPR (DSVGO), because it exposes unnecessary personal data to a US based company.

To keep using Google Fonts, you need to host them locally. There is no alternative.

Fortunately, OMGF Pro does exactly that. ๐Ÿ™‚

OMGF Pro complements the free version of OMGF with advanced detection schemes:

To keep using Google Fonts, you need to host them [on your server]. There is no alternative.

Local Google FontsOMGF (free)OMGF Pro
wp_enqueue_style() (wp_styles object)โœ…โœ…โœ…
HTML document (<head> and <body>)โŒโœ…โœ…
Remove resource hints (dns-prefetch, preload, preconnect)โŒโœ…โœ…
@import statementsโŒโŒโœ…
@font-face statementsโŒโŒโœ…
WebFont Loader (webfont.js)โŒโŒโœ…
Material IconsโŒโŒโœ…
OMGF Pro complements OMGF with advanced detection schemes, such as support for @import statements, @font-face statements, WebFont Loader and Material Icons support.

Maximize Performance

  • Define a Fallback Font Stack: Reduce Cumulative Layout Shift by properly implementing font-display swapping and defining a (stack of) fallback font-families for each of your fonts,
  • Easily replace unwanted Google Fonts with a System Font of your choice,
  • Ensure text remains visible during webfont load by forcing the font-display (swap) attribute throughout all your stylesheets and @font-face statements,
  • Preload fonts: easily preload key requests from within the Management panel.

Reduce Fonts Bloat

OMGF Pro goes beyond locally hosting Google Fonts and provides you with tools to Reduce bloat caused by other plugins and themes:

  • Remove Google Fonts loaded asynchronously with JavaScript,
  • Easily unload font-styles (e.g. italics) and/or font-weights (e.g. bold) you don’t use,
  • Define which subsets should be loaded for all fonts throughout your WordPress configuration. This can reduce the size of your Google Fonts stylesheets by ~90% for the most popular fonts!


  • Perfect Plugin & First Class Support

    The plugin is super easy to use and works perfectly. There were problems with one template, but Daan provided a compatibility fix quickly. This is the best support I have experienced so far!

  • Excellent and fast support - GREAT

    The plugin works excellent and also the support is great if you ever have a problem and don’t know what to do. Thanks again for the fast and straightforward support. This is how you imagine support! I can only recommend the plugin 100%.
    Thanks a lot.

  • This is how you imagine support

    Thanks again for the fast and uncomplicated support. This is how you imagine support! I had problems displaying the fonts on my website. I had the suspicion that due to the plugin of Daan the page wasn't displayed correctly. 10 minutes after my e-mail, Daan already responded with different solutions. After the 3rd mail, he logged into my website to get to the bottom of the problem. It turned out that another plugin and a wrong setting from my side on the website were causing the issue. Since the error was clearly my mistake and not with OMGF Pro, I wanted to thank Daan for the support and a payment. Daan gratefully declined.

  • Support is A+

    This plugin is quite literally one of the best for doing what it says it will do! Daan goes way above and beyond with customer service; even fixing issues that had been caused by other plugins. It works, it keeps you EU compliant and it’s worth every penny!!

  • Perfect Plugin with a great service

    Plugin works perfectly. The Service is on of the best. Had an issue with a font which was occured by a third party plugin and Daan helped me to fix this also. Very nice communication beside. Thanks a lot!! I can highly recommend this tool.

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